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Kate Mulgrew raped
Yes, she was, but it was a long time ago and has been common knowledge for a long time. Why am I all of a sudden getting hits from people searching for this at a rate of a few times a week? The search doesn't even turn up a post of mine but two unrelated posts on an archives page, and it's not from posts that are all that recent.

why do most people tend to agree with the majority on controversial topics
I had a really sarcastic reply to this, but the best thing to do with a question like that is just to think about what it's really saying.

what do black people say about the future
So there's one set of things that's distinct about what black people (as opposed to anyone else) might say about the future? I meant the title of this post quite seriously. I really wonder how people come up with this stuff.

What language do Muslims use
The ones I've talked to were using English.


Re Kate Mulgrew. If you are assuming this makes someone a sicko... I ran a Google search because it was posted on the NNDB for Kate, and I was trying to confirm if this was accurate. I'm very surprised about how many women are listed under the NNDB heading as having been sexually assaulted. Twenty years ago when it happened to me there was nowhere near this kind of openness about it.

With that one, it was more that there was some sudden fascination with someone's incredible misfortune. I can understand several times of people just wanting to confirm it. I thought it was worth confirming it myself. It just seemed that a lot more people are coming to my blog from this search that I would expect, and I do understand human nature and what sorts of things people try to look for on the internet.

For me, I was somewhat shocked. I wanted to confirm it as well, and then I stumbled across that website and was again shocked at how many people were able to admit being raped (or sexually assaulted at any time) openly.

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