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It amazes me that the so-called black leaders who can see racism in the flight patterns of airplanes and the constellation of snowflakes cannot see the damage that celebrating a song like "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp" is doing to young black minds, female and male alike.

From Laurence Thomas, Pimps, Blacks, and Racial Equality: Who is Zooming Whom?.

His observation about feminist leaders' silence reminds me of their similar silence after the President of the United States committed the most serious abuse of authority with regard to sexual matters according to standard feminist thinking. It makes you wonder whether it's really the stated concerns of feminism that drive them.


You guys are sex obsessed, and it gets in the way of your occasional good rants. President Bush hasn't raped anyone that we know of, so you must be referring to the consensual, non-criminal sex act that got Bill Clinton into trouble with the sex-obsessed Republicans.

The winning song at the Academy Awards is troubling for several reasons -- none of them having anything at all to do with Bill Clinton, and little to do with silence from anyone. I notice Bush has been silent, too. So has Cheney. Evidence, you should say, for how their Iraq strategy is off the tracks.

No? That's much less looney than your gripe.

I'm referring to the feminists' double standard. A major sin for feminism is to abuse a relationship of power and have sexual relations with someone under your authority. This became a huge issue in my own philosophy department when two faculty members were dating graduate students. Another faculty member insisted that they be disciplined. I never heard anything said about the president doing something at least as abusive of a power relationship. This isn't anything about obsession with sex. It's about a double standard.

Who said the troublesome elements of the song had anything to do with Bill Clinton?

One point is that leaders in the black community often comment on what's harmful to blacks when it's white people doing it but are strangely silent when forces inside black America are responsible. Then when they do say something, they get trashed, as happened to Bill Cosby.

The other point is that feminist commonly complain about this sort of statement when white people make it, but they won't do it when it's black people saying it. Why is that? It would be loony to connect this with Iraq, but it's not loony to connect it with people who normally complain about this sort of thing but refuse to do so in this case.

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