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This is a list of the current and forthcoming commentaries in the Anchor Bible commentary series. For more series, see my post on commentary series.

The Anchor Bible (AB) commentaries are among the most academically respectable scholarly commentaries, though the quality and level of detail can vary from volume to volume. They transliterate the Greek and Hebrew, which helps for someone who doesn't know the original languages, but sometimes the level of detail isn't all that helpful for someone who just wants a little background and doesn't want to wade through pages of scholarship to find that the kind of theological question they're worrying about is hardly treated by a scholar who cares more about the linguistic, historical, and text-critical issues. Not all volumes are like this, but many are. The level of detail will also vary greatly from volume to volume, with later publication dates often signaling much more depth, and some (though certainly not all) older ones are all but useless given what else is out there. Textual criticism, exegetical notes and expositional commentary are separated into separate sections. This makes it difficult to find anything, but it also keeps separate kinds of work separate. I'd rather not have these separated, but some people prefer it.

As with most critical series, evangelicals will be troubled by some of the conclusions of most of the scholars writing in this series (except for the few evangelical contributors). Though evangelicals can supplement the kind of information in these commentaries with what I consider to be much better theological sense and a much higher appreciation of scripture, many evangelical commentaries simply can't compete with the best volumes in this series, at least with respect to historical and sociological background information, lexical study, text criticism, archaeology. etc. Theology is often given short shrift. The series is mostly done, with only Nahum and Philippians not covered and only Exodus, Deuteronomy, and Ezekiel still only partially covered, though some volumes are being replaced (I know of Genesis, II Chronicles, Ezra-Nehemiah, Psalms, Proverbs 10-31, Matthew, the second half of Mark, and Revelation).

Volumes released so far:

Genesis, E.A. Speiser (1964)
Exodus 1-18, William H. Propp (1999)
Exodus 19-40, William H. Propp (2006)
Leviticus 1-16, Jacob Milgrom (1991)
Leviticus 17-22, Jacob Milgrom (2000)
Leviticus 23-27, Jacob Milgrom (2001)
Numbers 1-20, Baruch Levine (1993)
Numbers 21-36, Baruch Levine (2000)
Deuteronomy 1-11, Moshe Weinfeld (1991)
Joshua, Robert G. Boling and G. Ernest Wright (1982)
Judges, Robert G. Boling (1974)
Ruth, Edward F. Campbell Jr. (1975)
I Samuel, P. Kyle McCarter Jr. (1980)
II Samuel, P. Kyle McCarter Jr. (1984)
I Kings, Mordechai Cogan (2001)
II Kings, Mordechai Cogan and Hayim Tadmor (1988)
I Chronicles, Jacob M. Myers (1965)
I Chronicles 1-9, Gary Knoppers (2004)
I Chronicles 10-29, Gary Knoppers (2004)
II Chronicles, Jacob M. Myers (1965)
Ezra-Nehemiah, Jacob M. Myers (1965)
Esther, Carey A. Moore (1971)
Job, Marvin H. Pope (1965)
Psalms 1-50, Mitchell Dahood (1966)
Psalms 51-100, Mitchell Dahood (1968)
Psalms 101-150, Mitchell Dahood (1970)
Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, R.B.Y. Scott (1965)
Proverbs 1-9, Michael V. Fox (2000)
Ecclesiastes, Choon-Leong Seow (1997)
Song of Songs, Marvin H. Pope (1977)
Isaiah 34-35,40-66: John L. McKenzie (1969)
Isaiah 1-39, Joseph Blenkinsopp (2000)
Isaiah 40-55, Joseph Blenkinsopp (2002)
Isaiah 56-66, Joseph Blenkinsopp (2003)
Jeremiah, John Bright (1965)
Jeremiah 1-20, Jack R. Lundbom (1999)
Jeremiah 21-37, Jack R. Lundbom (2004)
Jeremiah 37-52, Jack R. Lundbom (2004)
Lamentations, Delbert R. Hillers (1972)
Lamentations, 2nd ed., Delbert R. Hillers (1972, rev. 1992)
Ezekiel 1-20, Moshe Greenberg (1983)
Ezekiel 21-37, Moshe Greenberg (1997)
Daniel, Louis F. Hartman and Alexander A. DiLella (1978)
Hosea, Francis I. Andersen and David Noel Freedman (1980)
Joel, James L. Crenshaw (1995)
Amos, Francis I. Andersen and David Noel Freedman (1989)
Obadiah, Paul Raabe (1996)
Jonah, Jack M. Sasson (1990)
Micah, Francis I. Andersen and David Noel Freedman (2000)
Habakkuk, Francis I. Andersen (2001)
Zephaniah, Adele Berlin (1994)
Haggai and Zechariah 1-8, Carol L. Meyers and Eric M. Meyers (1987)
Zechariah 9-14, Carol L. Meyers and Eric M. Meyers (1992)
Malachi, Andrew E. Hill (1998)

Matthew, William F. Albright and C.S. Mann (1971)
Mark, C.S. Mann (1986)
Mark 1:1-8:21, Joel Marcus (2000)
Luke 1-9, Joseph A. Fitzmyer (1982)
Luke 10-24, Joseph A. Fitzmyer (1985)
John 1-12, Raymond E. Brown (1966)
John 13-21, Raymond E. Brown (1970)
Acts, Johannes Munck (1967)
Acts, Joseph A. Fitzmyer (1998)
Romans, Joseph A. Fitzmyer (1993)
I Corinthians, William F. Orr and James Arthur Walther (1976)
II Corinthians, Victor Furnish (1984)
Galatians, J. Louis Martyn (1997)
Ephesians 1-3, Markus Barth (1974)
Ephesians 4-6, Markus Barth (1974)
Philippians, John Reumann (2007)
Colossians, Markus Barth and Helmut Blankes (1995)
Thessalonians, Abraham J. Malherbe (2000)
I-II Timothy, Luke Timothy Johnson (2001)
Titus, Jerome D. Quinn (1990)
Philemon, Joseph A. Fitzmyer (2001)
Hebrews, George Wesley Buchanan (1972)
Hebrews, Craig Koester (2001)
James/I-II Peter/Jude Bo Reicke (1964)
James, Luke Timothy Johnson (1995)
I Peter, John H. Elliott (2001)
II Peter and Jude, Jerome H. Neyrey (1993)
I-III John, Raymond E. Brown (1982)
Revelation, J. Massyngberde Ford (1975)

Additions to Daniel, Esther, Jeremiah: Carey A. Moore (1977)
Tobit, Carey A. Moore (1996)
Judith, Carey A. Moore (1985)
Wisdom of Solomon, David Winston (1979)
Wisdom of Ben Sira, Patrick W. Skehan and Alexander A. DiLella (1995)
I-II Esdras, Jacob M. Myers (1974)
I Maccabees, Jonathan A. Goldstein (1976)
II Maccabees, Jonathan A. Goldstein (1983)

Forthcoming volumes:

Genesis Ronald S. Hendel
Deuteronomy 12-36, Moshe Weinfeld
Judges, Jack Sasson
II Chronicles, Gary Knoppers
Ezra-Nehemiah, Tamara Cohn Eskenazi
Proverbs 10-31, Michael Fox
Ezekiel 38-48, Jacob Milgrom
Nahum, Duane Christensen
Matthew, John P. Meier
Mark 8:22-16:?, Joel Marcus
I Corinthians, Joseph Fitzmyer (2007)
Revelation, Craig Koester


Which ones were rewritten? Obviously there is a new Revelation edition coming. But weren't there several others as well?

They're all in the list above. I think it's got every one.

The Leviticus 17-22 and 23-27 (hardbacks) are the hardest books right now to get from this series. I have had the hardest time trying to find either one. I tend to believe that the publisher is no longer wanting to print anymore of these books.

You mention the Psalms are being replaced. Why is this, do you know? I have Psalms 1-50, Mitchell Dahood (1966)
Psalms 51-100, Mitchell Dahood (1968)
Psalms 101-150, Mitchell Dahood (1970)and find them very, very interesting, however I cannot find any criticism of his works, nor any affirmations of this, a truly remarkable translation based on the Ugaritic texts discoveries, of which he is a leading expert.
What say you et al? Pax et bonum!

I know that there was at one point a contract to replace the Psalms volumes. It has since been rescinded, and I'm not sure why. It may well have been replaced with another contract with someone else, but if so I have no information about it.

My understanding is that the editors of the series want to keep it relatively up-to-date, and Dahood's commentary on Psalms is hopelessly out-of-date on linguistic matters. I have seen criticisms of him even for his time. The main complaint is that he overdoes Ugaritic parallels and has a lot less constraint about what should count as legitimate reasons for postulating a connection. I've also seen complaints that he isn't as well-versed in some areas commentators ought to have some understanding of. I don't remember any details off-hand, however.

The Anchor Bible series has been sold to Yale U. Press as of Sept. or Oct. of 2007. Yale says they will publish under the name of Anchor Yale Bible sometime in 2008.

The Anchor Yale Bible Commentaries are now available for pre-order in an electronic format from Logos Bible Software. I thought you might be interested!

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