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what did Richard N. Longenecker said about the parables
You're trying to find out what takes him 324 pages to say by doing a Google search?

Jesus doesn't trick people with philosophical arguments - He means it simply.
Well, it's too bad this search didn't lead you here.

what parable did jesus use to teach?
Only one of them was used for teaching? I wonder what the rest of them were for.

wright deny divinity jesus
I don't think you're going to find much on that. Wright is one of the strongest defenders of the divinity of Christ. Sometimes I think N.T. Wright's detractors just try to find anything they might wish he could say just to make the case against him all that clearer.

non racist parables in the bible
Yes, that narrows the search quite nicely. Now we're left with just the parables that aren't about G.I. Joe.

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