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This is a list of the current and forthcoming commentaries in the New International Commentaries on the New Testament (NICNT) and on the Old Testament (NICOT). For more series, see my post on commentary series. For the list of this series in the chronological order of their release, see this post.

This is another of my favorite series. Almost all the contributors are what I would consider conservative evangelicals, though occasionally some will take views that do seem only moderately conservative to some (e.g. Leslie Allen on Jonah argues that Jonah didn't happen historically but affirms inerrancy because he believes the book is a parable), but that's not standard for the series. I might consider some of the commentaries in this series to be the best out there on the book in question, e.g. Hubbard on Ruth, Waltke on Proverbs, Block on Ezekiel, Moo on Romans, and others are excellent as well, including Hamilton on Genesis, Wenham on Leviticus, and Fee on I Corinthians and Philippians. Some forthcoming volumes should also be outstanding.

This series isn't quite as detailed as the most academic series, but it's fairly detailed, at least in the newer volumes. You might call it semi-technical. The footnotes often have the kind of detail you'd find in a more exclusively academic commentary. They try to restrict the text to transliteration of Hebrew and Greek for the sake of readability, and I think someone sufficiently committed to learning a lot about one book of the Bible might read through these cover to cover. I've read the volumes on Leviticus, Numbers, and Isaiah 1-39 myself, and I've read half of the Ruth volume and large sections of others. Of course I'll also read even more technical commentaries straight through, but I think these are a lot easier to handle for those accustomed to reading commentaries who still wouldn't read through the more detailed ones of other series.

Volumes in series so far:

Genesis 1-17: Victor Hamilton (1990)
Genesis 18-50: Victor Hamilton (1995)
Leviticus: Gordon Wenham (1979)
Numbers: Timothy Ashley (1993)
Deuteronomy: Peter Craigie (1976)
Joshua: Marten Woudstra (1981)
Ruth: Robert Hubbard (1988)
I Samuel: David Tsumura (2006)
Ezra-Nehemiah: F.C. Fensham (1982)
Job: John Hartley (1988)
Proverbs 1-15: Bruce Waltke (2004)
Proverbs 15-31: Bruce Waltke (2005)
Ecclesiastes: Tremper Longman (1998)
Song of Songs: Tremper Longman (2001)
Isaiah 1-18 : E.J. Young (1965)
Isaiah 19-39: E.J. Young (1969)
Isaiah 40-66: E.J. Young (1972)
Isaiah 1-39: John Oswalt (1986)
Isaiah 40-66: John Oswalt (1998)
Jeremiah: John A. Thompson (1980)
Ezekiel 1-24: Daniel Block (1997)
Ezekiel 25-48: Daniel Block (1998)
Joel/Obadiah/Jonah/Micah: Leslie Allen (1976)
Nahum/Habakkuk/Zephaniah: O. Palmer Robertson (1990)
Haggai/Malachi: Pieter Verhoef (1987)

Mark: William Lane (1974)
Luke: Norval Geldenhuys (1951)
Luke: Joel Green (1997)
John: Leon Morris (1971, rev. 1995)
Acts: F.F. Bruce (1954, rev. 1988)
Romans 1-8: John Murray (1959)
Romans 9-16: John Murray (1965)
Romans: Douglas Moo (1996)
I Corinthians, F.W. Grosheide (1953)
I Corinthians: Gordon Fee (1987)
II Corinthians: Philip Edgcumbe Hughes (1962)
II Corinthians: Paul Barnett (1997)
Galatians: Herman N. Ridderbos (1953)
Galatians: Ronald Fung (1988)
Ephesians and Colossians: E.K. Simpson and F.F. Bruce (1957) [Simpson did Eph, Bruce Col]
Ephesians/Colossians/Philemon: F.F. Bruce (1957, 1984) [Eph, Phlm new; Col is revision of 1957]
Philippians/Philemon: Jacobus J. Mueller (1955)
Philippians: Jacobus J. Mueller (1985 release of 1955 commentary without Philemon; no change)
Philippians: Gordon Fee (1995)
Thessalonians: Leon Morris (1959, rev. 1991)
Pastoral Epistles: Philip Towner (2006)
Hebrews: F.F. Bruce (1964, rev. 1990)
James and I-III John: Alexander Ross (1954)
James: James Adamson (1976)
I Peter: Peter Davids (1990)
I-III John: I. Howard Marshall (1978)
Revelation: Robert Mounce (1977, rev. 1997)

Forthcoming volumes:

Exodus: Brent Strawn
Deuteronomy: Bill Arnold
Judges: Barry Webb
II Samuel: David Tsumura
Kings: Richard Hess
Chronicles: Keith Bodner
Ezra-Nehemiah: Hannah Harrington
Esther: Robert Hubbard
Psalms: Rolf Jacobsen, Nancy deClaisse-Walford, and Beth LaNeel Tanner
Jeremiah: Pamela Scalise
Lamentations: Robert Hubbard
Daniel: R. Glenn Wooden
Hosea: J. Andrew Dearman
Amos, M. Daniel Carrol R.
Nahum/Habakkuk/Zephaniah: Thomas Renz
Haggai/Malachi: Mignon Jacobs
Zechariah: Mark Boda

Matthew: R.T. France (August 2007)
Mark: Rikk E. Watts
John: J. Ramsey Michaels
Acts: Joel Green
James: Scot McKnight
II Peter and Jude: Robert Webb


barry webb told me a few months ago that he is expecting to be finished around september 2009, and then it will be about a year before it will appear on the shelves

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