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I frequently find people finding my blog with searches that make no sense. One particular way they make no sense is that the search is ill-formed, either by searching in a way that won't come close to helping them find what they want or by forming a sentence that is seriously ill-formed (which often isn't any better at finding what they want), sometimes even expressing something quite different from what was intended.

is 28 too old for marriage
Well, I know it's fairly common nowadays for people to get married before they're 28 and then to get divorced, but there's a long tradition of people staying married beyond 28. I happen to have done so myself, and I didn't think I was too old at 28 to remain married. It's also a little strange to ask if an age that happens to be below the average age of marriage in the U.S. is too old for marriage.

why did black originate anyway?
Isn't it just the result of the absence of electronmagnetic radiation in the visible spectrum (or something slightly more complex but roughly equivalent to that)?

leadership prevents diversity from becoming affirmative action
I've been thinking through how the parts of this grammatically coherent sentence might possibly combine into a sentence with any coherent semantic meaning. I haven't gotten very far. Any thoughts?

amount of people that died from slavery
Is it possible even to answer this question? Even leaving aside the wording that makes it sound as if people are some continuous substance that can be measured in an amount rather than numbered as discrete entities, this question is strange. What does it mean to die from slavery? It can't just be to die as a slave, because all sorts of deaths might occur while someone is a slave that would be wrong to classify as being caused by slavery. Do you want to say that these are the deaths that wouldn't have happened had the people in question not been slaves? That seems too broad. Perhaps being a slave brought someone into contact with a murderer, who killed the person. I wouldn't say that's dying from slavery. What if the person died from overwork while working in the fields? That's better, but it doesn't seem to me that it's slavery that killed the person, because the same work might have been done with compensation, and then it wouldn't even have been slavery. But the cause of death would have been the same. Maybe a clearer case would be a master killing a slave for not liking the slave's attitude or work, but then it's not slavery itself that killed the slave but the relationship between the master and the slave, and that wouldn't be present for all the slaves, which means it's not slavery itself that caused the death. It's hard for me to think of a death as being "from slavery" in the abstract. That just sounds like the wrong way to describe it.


Why is it that you get searches that at least try to sound intellectual and I always get things like "drunken bobsled spectacular"? ;)

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