Happy Independence Day

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... in Lithuania, anyway. I have a friend whose (at the time) girlfriend (and now wife) was disillusioned with Valentine's Day. She insisted that he not do anything for her for Valentine's Day. Since they lived at some distance from each other at the time there wasn't much he could do anyway. If he couldn't send her anything for Valentine's Day, what could he do? So he looked up what other holidays take place near Valentine's Day. It turns out Lithuania's Independence Day is February 16. He decided to send her a major Lithuanian Independence Day care package that year. He found all manner of unusual Lithuanian items to include in it.

So you now have a new solution to the problem of the stale, trite, and commercialized holiday that Valentine's Day can be. Just skip it, wait a couple days, and celebrate a much more interesting holiday together (though not quite as interesting as International Talk Like a Pirate Day).

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