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I haven't been posting searches for a while, so my list is accumulating. Here are a few on the list:

judith jarvis thomson his view on animal rights
So when was the last time you knew a male named Judith? Or is this a gender-neutral 'his'?

entomology of consonant
Hmm. Does this have something to do with very small insects that come out of people's mouths while they make certain sounds, or are you looking for information about bug language?

integration of autistic children in Presbyterian churches
You know, it's possible to be just a little too specific to find much helpful information.

And here's one I got from Matthew that came through for Prosblogion a couple weeks ago. This isn't one of mine, but it was on a blog I participate in, so I guess it's ok to reproduce it here:

orthodox unitarian theology

He didn't tell me which search engine, so I haven't linked it as I usually do. I don't know which meaning he had in mind as funny, but I can think of two. [Update: See Matthew's comment for what he found funny, and I've now linked it.] First, consider unitarianism as the classic doctrine that denies the Trinity, and then think of what orthodox unitarian theology could possibly be. Second, consider contemporary Unitarian Universalist theology, which can be summarized by one statement: we should eschew any notion of treating some system of beliefs as correct and another as not. Then figure out what orthodox unitarian theology is. This second one isn't straightforwardly contradictory once you distinguish between different levels the claims are being made on, but it does involve a serious irony and might be very difficult to maintain consistently.


I puzzled over what someone looking for "orthodox unitarian theology" could have in mind. It was your first take that struck me as funny. The search came across Google, which brings up Prosblogion as the 8th site.

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