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Well, I've pretty much finished the redesign. The sidebar is better, as are the comment forms. Plus I've redone the Comment Preview page. The remaining issues that I know of are:

1) The search page still has the old template. Anyone out there familiar with MT who can tell me where I need to go to change that template?

2) The cool hover effects in IE seem to have broken sometime during my fiddling. I'm pretty sure it was working earlier today and yesterday, but they aren't working now. But I'm too tired to do any more troubleshooting, so it will have to wait a few days until I have some time. Sorry.

If you run across any more issues, let me know in the comments.


The search page may be tied to the other four Ektopos blogs. Searches on one blog can turn up results for any of them.

The reason you are getting the old colors is that you haven't changed the Stylesheet template which genrates styles-site.css. You shouldn't be getting results from other sites in your search. I tried a couple of keywords and couldn't get cross results. If you want to customize the look of the template you need to look here. See the section on Adding Alternate Search Templates. Email me if you need help.

Thanks for the link Matthew. What I want to do is this, but I don't have FTP access to the appropriate directories. Can you help me out here?

Maybe the last update to the blog software changed it, but I used to get cross-blog results for searches all the time.

If you send me the tmpl file I can place it for you. I've got the Google API code, but I don't think it is enabled.

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