Redesign complete (at least for now)

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I've finished with the redesign. Hope y'all like it. The dropdowns all work perfectly in every browser I've tested it in. IE users get a solid color background instead of a translucent background in their dropdowns, but that is the only "problem".

I haven't updated the search page yet, but I need higher access privs before I can do that, and that is pretty low priority anyways.

The sidebar is styled, and somewhat organized. Jeremy will have to decide what other changes need to be made to the sidebar.

So, that's it. If there are any other issues, let me know in the comments.


There is still one problem I'd like fixed, but I think Matthew might need to do it. Every time I comment, it tells me that I have to wait a while before commenting again, but what it really should say is that I need to type in a new security code as double preventative measure. At least that's what I think is going on. I wonder how many potential commenters are getting deterred by this message or slowed down because they think they have to wait awhile before submitting their comment again (when they can do so immediately). But as far as I can tell, this is really just a forced preview and not anything to do with waiting before commenting.

Looks good, guys. Looks really good.

Much much better. My personal peeve - I think the font size could be a bit increased.


You should be able to change the text size quite easily within your browser. If you use Firefox go View -> Text Size -> Increase

So you're the one responsible! You're a master, Wink... a master ( should I say...WEBmaster? no- we are all one of those.... you're a masterful designer- it's that much improved)

Thanks for all of the compliments everyone! I worked hard on it and am glad that it is appreciated.

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