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This is a list of the current and forthcoming commentaries in the Pillar New Testament Commentary (PNTC) series. For more series, see my post on commentary series. This series is one of my favorites. It started as a collection of independent commentaries with similar covers: Matthew and Romans by Leon Morris, John by D.A. Carson, and Revelation by Philip Edgcumbe Hughes. The Hughes volume was later discontinued, and Carson is planning to contribute his own Revelation commentary at some point to replace it. Morris' Romans is also scheduled for replacement by Colin Kruse. The covers have now drastically improved as well. I'll probably end up with at least 75% of the series by the time they're done.

I'd place the series generally around the upper-mid level. Some of them aren't quite as detailed as the NICNT series (though some of the older NICOT volumes are about the same level. A few are detailed enough for me to count as good enough for full academic commentaries, though they're much more readable than most and nowhere near as detailed as the most detailed academic works. Much of the more technical material will be in footnotes even in those volumes, and Greek fonts are used only in footnotes by the authors who insist on using them (which is probably a minority of those who contribute to the series so far). The perspective is solidly evangelical, and there's an insistence on real interaction with the best of scholarship, evangelical or not. Contributors are fairly conservative theologically, and most refuse to give theology short shrift as in many academic commentaries. Inerrancy is assumed, but in many cases interpretations inconsistent with inerrancy will be presented (and usually responded to) just because such interpretations are common.

The series as it stands:

Matthew, Leon Morris (1992)
Mark, James Edwards (2001)
John, D.A. Carson (1991)
Romans, Leon Morris (1988)
Ephesians, Peter T. O'Brien (1999)
Thessalonians, Gene Green (2002)
James, Douglas Moo (2000)
II Peter and Jude, Peter Davids (2006)
I-III John, Colin Kruse (2000)
Revelation, Philip Edgcumbe Hughes (1990, now out of print)

Forthcoming volumes:

Luke, Peter M. Head
Acts, David Peterson
Romans (replacing Morris), Colin Kruse
I Corinthians, Brian Rosner and Roy Ciampa
II Corinthians, Mark A. Seifrid
Galatians, D.A. Carson
Philippians, George Hansen
Colossians, Philemon, Douglas Moo
Pastorals, Robert Yarbrough
Hebrews, Peter T. O'Brien
I Peter, Scott Hafemann
Revelation (replacing Hughes), D.A. Carson


Where did you get your information that D. A. Carson was coming out with Galatians and Revelation commentaries? I heard the same info from a friend, but have been unable to find anything about it. I'm specifically looking for a timetable.

Jeremy, I first got that information from John Glynn, whose commentary and reference survey really got me going on my forthcoming commentaries list. He is in touch with many authors and publishers. I'm not sure how he got the information for this series in particular, since Carson keeps information on forthcoming volumes very close to his chest, in case anything changes and the information out there turns out to be wrong, but that's where I got it.

I have heard Carson talk about work he expects to do in the future, and he did say that he's planning to write a major work on the use of the Old Testament in the New Testament, but he can't do that until he writes commentaries on several books that are most important on that issue. He had already written on Matthew and John at the time. The ones he mentioned were Galatians, Hebrews, the Johannine epistles, and Revelation, which are exactly the ones I have him down for in various series (Hebrews is BECNT, I-III John is NIGTC, the other two PNTC).

On another occasion I heard him mentioning that when he finishes his current project Galatians is next. His current one is I-III John for NIGTC. I heard from one of the editors of that series that he's hoping to get Carson's completed manuscript next year, and it will be a year or so after that before it's published. But meanwhile he would have started Galatians already. I have no idea how long he will take to write that commentary, though, and I don't know if he will do Revelation immediately after that or if he will do Hebrews first.

It's good to see one of my former professors, Dr Ciampa, recognized on your list (rather than just Rosner). I wonder if Carson's OT in the NT book is part of the series that has been rumored to be in the making. Supposedly there is a commentary series on each NT book covering how the OT is used in each of these. Another one of my former profs, Sean McDonough, was working with Greg Beale on the Revelation volume (McDonough was one of Beale's star pupils at GCTS back in the day). What do you know about this? I don't think I've seen in mentioned on your lists before, perhaps Mr Glynn has some info.

What I heard is that there will be a one-volume commentary on the use of the OT in the NT, edited by Beale and Carson (I believe). It won't be separate volumes for each book.

Carson will have something to do with that project, but it's not the same project he was talking about. He wants to write a monograph that he's had in mind to write since the very beginning of his career, but he realized he needed to do the close exegesis on several books from different corpora in the NT before he could do a good job with it, so he's been putting it off so that it will probably end up his magnum opus at the very end of his career. Of course, at the rate he's going with commentary writing he might not even get through that list, never mind the big work on the OT in the NT.

For PNTC commentaries:
G. Walter Hansen's commmentary on Phillipians was published in fall 2009. Peter O'Brien's commentary on Hebrews will be published in spring 2010 according to the Eerdmans website.

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