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This is a list of the current and forthcoming commentaries in the New International Greek Testament Commentary (NIGTC) series. For more series, see my post on commentary series. This is one of the best series on the New Testament. It's finally starting to come along after a slow start in the 80s. We still have Matthew, John, Acts, Romans, Ephesians, I Peter, II Peter and Jude, and I-III John to go, but I'd be very surprised if more than a few of those were left to go five years from now. It's at the author's discretion whether they translate the Greek, which is always handled in Greek font in this series. Some volumes are thus hard to read unless your Greek is very good. I have a hard time myself with Ellingworth on Hebrews, for instance, and I have three semesters of classical Greek behind me. It just helps so much when the Greek is translated in addition to appearing in Greek font, as Bruce's Galatians volume in this series does it. So it's hit or miss with that issue.

The academic respectability of this series is way at the top. Some of the volumes are by far the most significant academic work on their book, most notably Thiselton on I Corinthians and O'Brien on Philippians and arguably Harris on II Corinthians, all of which may be among the very best of any commentaries on any book. Others volumes are still very good. There isn't a bad volume in the series so far. Some focus less on explaining the text as they do on technical exegesis and background, but those ones are still excellent at what they do. The perspective tends to be moderate to conservative, with a fairly high percentage of thoroughgoing evangelicals contributing to the series. I consider James Dunn (who did Colossians and Philemon in this series) to be fairly left-wing on some issues with the New Perspective on Paul, but that's only one element of his work, but still it shows that it's not all conservatives writing in the series.

Overall I still think it's one of the best series out there, and I expect to get many of the forthcoming volumes.

Volumes now out:

Matthew, John Nolland (2005)
Mark, R.T. France (2002)
Luke, I. Howard Marshall (1978)
I Corinthians, Anthony Thiselton (2000)
II Corinthians, Murray J. Harris (2005)
Galatians, F.F. Bruce (1982)
Philippians, Peter T. O'Brien (1991)
Colossians/Philemon, James Dunn (1996)
Thessalonians, Charles Wanamaker (1990)
Pastoral Epistles, George W. Knight (1992)
Hebrews, Paul Ellingworth (1993)
James, Peter Davids (1982)
Revelation, Greg Beale (1998)

Forthcoming volumes:

John, Richard Bauckham
Acts, Stanley Porter
Romans, Richard Longenecker
Ephesians, Max Turner
I Peter, Troy Martin
II Peter, Jude, Scott Hafemann
I-III John, D.A. Carson

Letters of Ignatius, David Aune
Shepherd of Hermas, David Aune

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