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The 105th Christian Carnival is at Dunmoose the Ageless.

Update: I haven't been linking to individual posts in Christian Carnivals lately, but Jordan's View's Is God in the Retribution Business is such an excellent response to the Pat Robertson's comments about God's wrath on Ariel Sharon that I had to link to it. The one element he doesn't talk about is the suspect interpretation of the very passage Robertson was relying on, but I don't think that's the most important thing to say, and he does link to other places that deal with that. I don't think I fully agree with everything there either (it's pretty much the standard covenant theology denial of any future for Israel), but I'd consider it closer to the scriptures than Robertson's view (dispensationalism's insistence that the church is a mere footnote in a plan that really is all about physical Israel in its Davidic/Solomonic location).

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