Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament

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This is a list of the current and forthcoming commentaries in the Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament (BECNT) series. For more series, see my post on commentary series.

This is one of my favorite series now. It's got a ways to go before it's complete, but what's out is mostly excellent. In some ways this is a technical series. They use Greek font and address most of the issues a full-scale commentary will deal with, offering plenty of detail. I think Darrell Bock's two volumes on Luke are now the most helpful commentary on that book, and Andreas Koestenberger on John almost rivals that of D.A. Carson, my personal favorite commentator on scripture.

At the same time, all Greek is transliterated and translated, so readers unfamiliar with the language won't be slowed down by the Greek font. Also, the format and organization of the series is one of the best I've ever seen. It looks like a cutting edge college textbook, something you never see in a serious academic work, but the content is exactly the latter. It's not of the kind of reference-work detail as some other series, so you can more easily actually read through a whole commentary in this series if you're the sort who likes to read the more scholarly commentaries (as I do). It's also thoroughly evangelical but with much higher standards for contributors than some evangelical series. The editors have by and large chosen extremely responsible biblical scholars for what will become one of the best detailed commentary series on the New Testament.

The series as it now stands:

Luke, Darrell Bock (1994, 1996)
John, Andreas Koestenberger (2004)
Romans, Thomas Schreiner (1998)
I Corinthians, David Garland (2003)
Philippians, 2nd ed., Moises Silva (2005)
I Peter, Karen Jobes (2005)
Revelation, Grant Osborne (2002)

Forthcoming volumes:

Matthew, David Turner (November 2007)
Mark, Robert Stein
Acts, Darrell Bock (August 2007)
II Corinthians, George Guthrie
Galatians, Douglas Moo
Ephesians, Frank Thielman
Colossians/Philemon, Greg Beale
Thessalonians, Jeffrey Weima
Pastoral Epistles, Stanley Porter
Hebrews, D.A. Carson
James, Dan McCartney
II Peter and Jude, Gene Green
I-III John, Robert Yarbrough


Hi Jeremy (and others, is that right?). I was reading some parts of the Bible today that caught my eye, and I wondered what's going on here. Since you're the resident expert on All Things Commentaried, I thought I would run them by you.

Proverb 25:23 says, a backbiting tongue brings forth angry looks. My reaction is, ooh, I'm scared, not. What else is going on here? Maybe it's the Evil Eye, a virtually effective curse?

The other one is Revelation 3:18, Jesus says "I counsel you to buy from me gold refined by fire so that you may be rich..." OK, it's not literal. Assuming it's not trivial, perhaps Christ is urging the comfortably lukewarm to dig deeper, and get the real thing, not the minimally acceptable qualities that a baptized Christian needs to not get kicked out. But is there more here, do you think? Thanks.

I responded, but I've now moved this discussion to its own post.

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