A Few More Hearings Thoughts

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The ABA committee is on now, saying they had evidence that in 1992 Alito did have Vanguard on his recusal list. Something happened between 1992 and 1993. Kennedy's inference that he never had it on his list wasn't just unfounded. There's evidence against it. It's not clear why the 1993 list says it was taken directly from the 1992 one, when the 1992 list had it and the 1993 one didn't. They're also telling Kennedy that Alito admitted at the outset that it was a mistake, which Kennedy has all along been claiming that Alito hasn't done. He still doesn't see the compatibility between admitting something is a mistake and explaining why it happened.

I've updated my Concerned Alumni of Princeton post. I had well over 1000 hits yesterday, many hundreds just for that post, which led me to make sure my current views on it are recorded in that post. It includes what's become clear to me since the hearings started, since I wrote it before they had begun.

If you want to follow the hearings and don't have access to a TV with CSPAN or a radio with NPR, see SCOTUSblog. Their liveblogging is usually either at the top or right near it. They're continuing through the current portion. I don't know if they intend to cover the whole hearings.

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