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I seem to be having trouble getting to this site using IE6; I get a 404 site not found error. However, I can get to it using every other browser, including IE5 and IE5.5.

Is anyone else having this problem? Of course, if you are having this problem, then you won't be able to read this, but maybe the Firefox users and those reading this via RSS can swing by the site using IE6 and tell me if they are getting 404s, that'd be great.

[UPDATE] OK. I sorted out the problem. Sorry about that. Everything should be fine now.


It started to load up for me in IE 6, and then it gave me the 404 error and wouldn't show the graphic on any reload. I saw the banner at the top and I believe the post at the top of the page. I didn't notice if the sidebar was there or the menu along the bottom of the banner. It was only a few seconds before the 404 kicked in.

I'm getting a 404 in IE6

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