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I keep getting searches along the following lines. It usually has two philosophers, including Aquinas, Aristotle, Plato, and maybe a few others. It has the word 'open' in it. I've seen "Aristotle open Aquinas", "open Aquinas find Aristotle", and a number of other combinations. One was "philosopher arguing open aquinas find aristotle". One was "open Aquinas, find Plato". Augustine might have been in one or two also, but I don't remember.

What are these people searching for? There are enough of them that there's got to be some common explanation, but I don't see what it might be. The post they keep finding is about open theism and its Greek philosophical roots, and I'm the first Google hit on some of these searches. That doesn't help me figure out why people are searching for this strange combination of terms that looks like some sort of very simple computer lanuage.


Great. Now they're all going to be linking here instead...

ps... could you please put a tab index# on your security code so I can tab through these fields?

I don't understand your first statement. I don't have any idea how to do what you're asking in your ps.

He's saying you have the same terms, and a link to the other popular post in this entry --- so the Google Rank for this entry might end up higher then the original page you linked to.

If you have access to the HTML you need to add tabindex="3" to the Security Code input textbox ... right now each box except that one has a tabindex and a order number.

I'll hazard a guess, that it is someone who vaguely remembers a quotation they once heard but can't quite remember what it is. The quote was something like "[If you] open [books by] Aquinas, [in them you will] find [the ideas of] Aristotle"

After miserably failing to find the quote on google, he starts to wonder whether it was "Open Augustine, find Plato" or something else.

I occasionally type fragments of quotes into google in the hope that I will find who to attribute them to.

It must be a very persistent person if it's just one person, because it's been showing up for days now. I haven't checked, but I suspect it's not the same person. I haven't really been able to, because most of them are far enough apart that my sitemeter doesn't have the previous one when a new one comes in.

This post isn't likely to achieve the link status of the other one, because a number of people linked to that with special keywords. I don't think you'll find, Theopedia, or very many highly-linked blogs linking to a post like this. That sort of thing seriously affects Google rankings. I actually do want this post to come up in the list, though, because I want the question answered!

As for the code issue, I might be able to look into it when I have more time, but I'm not very proficient in editing code for the various templates MT uses. I'm not messing around with templates in the middle of grading week. That would be disastrous.

this is just a guess - it might be some kind of research paper that is commonly assigned by a number of universities using the same textbook.

I just did a paper on "compare and contrast Martin Luther and Henry VIII."

A compare and contrast assignement might explain it.

I wondered if someone might be using some search engine that uses proprietary terms rather than Boolean ones. Open search on Aquinas with a restriction to references to Aristotle.

I fixed the tabbing code since I'd have had to do it anyway.

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