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I usually use Firefox on my own computer, but I've used five different computers in the last week. I've gotten a little annoyed that my blog looks fine in Firefox on my computer, Sam's computer, and the computers I use at work, but the sidebar gets shifted below the lowest post on Internet Explorer on my computer and on another one I've looked at (but not on another one, and I didn't check I.E. on the other two). Does anyone have a suggestion about what might be causing this and if there's an easy fix?


My Sidebar gets shifted when I view my own blog on a Powerbook. It might not be the browser - could be the platform or the OS. Don't know why but it happens a lot.

I keep checking back hoping to find someone with an answer to your question. I'm having the same problem.

It seems to be fixed now, so either Matthew or Wink probably edited the code somewhere.

Glad you got it fixed. If someone did edit the code, would you mind asking them to share the secret? Thanks.

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