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no such thing as an illegal war
Sure there is. Civil wars and revolutions are generally illegal. (The only difference between the two is which side wins.) A nation can have laws about when and how it can initiate or continue a war, in which case failing to meet such standards would make it an illegal war. Through WWII, the U.S. couldn't legally go to war without a declaration of war by Congress. If those standards still applied, every military action the U.S. has engaged in since then would have been illegal. It's true that standards a bunch of nations endorse do not for that reason alone apply as legally binding to any nation that doesn't sign on to them, which I think is exactly the situation with Kofi Annan's pretense that the U.S. invasion of Iraq was illegal (and probably what this search was intended to find an argument for) but that doesn't mean there's no such thing as an illegal war.

Michael J. Fox: Commentary on Proverbs
I sure hope not. Or did you mean Michael V. Fox? Incidentally, Michael J. Fox's best movie is Mars Attacks! I love his character's fate.

will cloned dead people have a soul and go to heaven?
Try to count all the assumptions here. Three come to mind immediately: that everyone with a soul will go to heaven, that you need an immaterial soul to go to heaven (perhaps the best of the possible views, but that isn't something to assume at the outset), that there will ever be any cloned people, etc. The fourth is my favorite: if we do clone people, and people do have souls, why the frak would anyone think cloned people wouldn't have souls? How should the means of creation of a human being result in a human being of such a different nature than any other means of producing a human being?


One of the interesting possible interpretations of the recent movie "The Island" is that cloned people have basically the same soul as the person they are cloned from and that has material consequences.

But your final question is a good one. :)

Well, I didn't mean the same nature in that sense! They had them sharing one soul among all clones? That's even weirder than saying clones don't have a soul.

The clone's individuality was played up a lot in that movie, so I think it best to say (what was intended) they didn't share a soul. But what if 2 people did share a soul, one bound for heaven and the other hell? How would that one soul fairly divide it's two fates for eternity?

happy new year!

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