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A couple of these were from a while back (perhaps even a month ago), and I just never got around to posting them. The third one was more recent. I hope what they found on this site helped disabused them of their misconceptions.

bible says cheating on wife ok if it isnt with a married woman ok
If it's wrong even to look lustfully at a woman other than one's wife, then how would it be ok to have sex with such a woman just because she isn't married?

there's no evidence the bible account is true
Isn't the mere fact that it's mentioned in the Bible at least some evidence that it's true? Many people might say the fact that miracles are so isolated and seemingly against what we think are the correct natural laws, and therefore they'll say there's more evidence against certain things, but that doesn't mean there's no evidence. The fact that it's recorded in an ancient text is at least some evidence, never mind any arguments in favor of biblical texts in particular over other ancient texts.

rick warren says bible offensive
I should hope so. The Bible itself calls the gospel offensive, so if Warren wants to be faithful to it he'll agree.

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