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1. A few years ago I found an excellent commentary review site that really helped me get going with building a commentary library. A few months later, it disappeared. I don't remember the name of the guy who put it together, but I've just discovered John Turner's Commentary Reviews, which seems very close to the style of the site that disappeared. I suspect it's the same person putting his material back online. Unfortunately, only Genesis is up so far, and a few features are still incomplete, but a little exploration indicates that he's got material he's already written that he just hasn't put up yet. If it is the same site, it was never complete to begin with, but it went through the gospels, and the dead links here do the same. I hope the rest of this gets put up quickly, because it really was a great resource. Update: John seems to have a new website with some of his commentary reviews. It doesn't have Genesis, but it does have Ruth, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Acts. He told me the original commentary review site was hosted by his denomination, and they took his reviews down without any explanation.

2. I've updated my Forthcoming Commentaries post a good deal recently. I've added the Blackwell Bible Commentaries (which is actually a misnomer, because this series aims to comment on later comments on the Bible without ever focusing on the text itself), and just this morning I received word of a few ICC volumes I didn't know about, along with a NICNT Mark replacement volume. Since the summer, which was the last time I posted something new indicating updates on the post, I've added the Brazos Theological Commentary, the revisions to the Expositor's Bible Commentary due out shortly, a whole bunch of Hermeneias, a new series by Kregel, a number of volumes for the New Cambridge series, the immoral Smith & Helwys series that scholarly-level prices (think ICC, Hermeneia) for what amounts to a popular-level commentary (think Interpretation, Tyndale), a new in-depth series by Zondervan, and various isolated commentaries scattered throughout the original series I had listed before all the updates. I've also just added full titles for series whose names I had just abbreviated with the common designations (e.g. NICOT, BECNT, WBC, NIGTC).


Have you seen the Wikipedia article on the “The Anchor Bible Project��? at It has what appears to be an up-to-date listing of all (?) the titles in the series (contrast



It looks complete to me as far as which volumes have been released, though it doesn't list the fact that some have been discontinued. It isn't completely accurate. According to Amazon, Reumann's Philippians won't be out until June, but it lists it as 2005. Maybe that will be the copyright date, but it makes it sound as if it's out already, and it's not. It also doesn't list the authors for any forthcoming volumes besides Reumann. I've got all the ones I know about listed on my Forthcoming Commentaries post (see link above in the post).

This reads a little strangely for a Wikipedia. Some of its language is strikingly reminiscent of advertisements. I wonder how long that will last. The editors will likely frown on that if they catch it. It seems a bit more effusive with the praise than an objective encyclopedia normally would. What kind of encyclopedia would refer to a series like this as the most authoritative commentary series? It's also not clearly the most complete commentary series, depending on what that's supposed to mean (I thought of four different meanings, and it's clearly not true on three of them and debatable on the fourth). If I want to take the time at some point, I might edit the article to remove some of this, but I have better things to do at the moment.

why do you call the Smith and Helwys immoral?
b/c of the price?
i looked at the one on Romans and it looked quite good--liked the presentation.


As I said in the post, it's because the really spiffy look makes it cost an exorbitant amount for what amounts to a very popular-level commentary in terms of content.

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