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I've managed to get violently ill after already already having been pretty sick (and then perfectly better) twice in the past week. This third time is the worst. I hope to post something with more content tomorrow. In the meantime, here are some more searches.

sitting duck period of presidency
Well, if the lame duck period is supposed to be after the next president-elect has already won the election, I suppose the sitting duck period must be during the election itself?

Black women who marry white men to have lighter skinned kids
You know, some people do marry for pretty stupid reasons, but I have a hard time believing very many people will marry someone simply to have lighter-skinned kids. This is especially so in a culture where you get teased for acting or looking too white. Most people actually want their kids to look like them, and this isn't just true of white people. Anyone who works in the field of adoption will tell you that.

john kerry isnt a good president
I suppose not. Of course, he isn't a bad president, either.

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