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I predict that it won't be too long before we start hearing opposition groups to Judge Alito claiming that he likes to give cops the freedom to strip search little girls for their ogling pleasure. Judge Alito's actual decision, based on one actual set of circumstances, has nothing to do with that. John Hinderaker has a good discussion.

The New York Times has a pretty balanced presentation of Alito's record on abortion. The one thing they forgot to mention is that the law Alito wanted to uphold does indeed allow exceptions for the abusive situations and things along those lines, with a fairly easy way to establish that such conditions apply. Yet they manage to work in a soundbite from Kate Michelman making it seem as if the law in question would make wives who wanted abortions have to get permission from a husband who abandoned her. Other than that manipulative use of selective information, the piece is pretty fair.

And as for abortion, well, just see this. You need to read it from the beginning without a summary of what it says, so I won't spoil it. The overall conclusion there needs to be at the forefront of everyone's mind if they want an informed and reasoned conclusion about any judge's record.


Have You Noticed that the same people that were perfectly willing to let Terri Schiavo's husband off her are the same people screaming and jumping up and down, spittle flying into the air at the notion that the father of a child should even be notified that his child will die in an abortion?

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