Am I Sensing a Theme Here?

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I've been getting strange searches lately. There have been still been quite a few wondering what nationality Samuel Alito is, as if he could be a federal judge without being a U.S. citizen. The president isn't going to appoint a foreigner to the U.S. Supreme Court. One trend within the searches of late is represented well by the following three:

foreplay a sin
I sure hope you meant extra-marital foreplay. Anyone who thinks foreplay is intrinsically sinful needs a brain transplant. As for extra-marital foreplay, what do you think my wife would think if I told her I was engaging in foreplay with someone else?

forced sexual consent
I'm trying to figure out what that's even supposed to mean.

redefining adultery to include oral sex
I sincerely hope this was a typo and was supposed to say "exclude". Otherwise, my sincere hope is that this person is not and never will be married.


I'm cracking up over here.

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