Spreading Misinformation Once Again

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Chris Matthews is on the air spreading misinformation again. He's claiming that there's no evidence that Saddam Hussein tried to get nuclear material from Africa. His evidence? There was no actual deal between Saddam and any African nation. So how is his conclusion supposed to follow? The fact that no one sold anything doesn't mean no one tried. Joseph Wilson's report confirms what the Bush Administration said, and the 9-11 Commission accepts the conclusion that Saddam tried unsuccessfully to get nuclear material, which is all Bush ever claimed. Reporter after supposedly unbiased reporter continues to pretend otherwise. They won't take Bush's statements for what they said but instead exaggerate those statements so that they amount to what the intelligence won't support.

It's a bit much to assume that this started with lies, but it's gone on so long, with so many people consistently correcting such falsehoods, that it's hard to keep believing that they're innocently spreading misinformation when they say that Saddam never tried to get nuclear material from Africa. This is getting really old, and those who seem to be so concerned about who might be lying when it's Republicans on the hot seat don't seem very worried about their own constantly repeated inaccuracy, one that all the evidence has refuted.

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