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nazgul mahna-mahna
Well, it's certainly an interesting thought, but what sort of mind could have come up with such a thing?

pronouns all, either, neither, very, both, whole, none
Um ... 'very' is an adverb, and 'whole' is an adjective or noun. They don't stand for nouns and thus aren't pronouns. The others can all be pronouns, though not all of them will always be pronouns (e.g. I'm sure this isn't exhaustive, but 'both', 'either', and 'neither' can be conjunctions, and 'all', 'either', 'neither', and 'both' can be adjectives; in philosophy jargon, 'all' can even be a verb!)

would god object to me working at hooters
Most certainly. But why are you asking a search engine instead of finding someone with a bit of wisdom to help you think it through on your own?

Dispensationalism vs Christianity
Right. That one goes up there with senators vs. politicians, carpenters vs. skilled laborers, pianists vs. musicians, and legal theorists vs. academics.

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