I'm currently gettting a Googlanche of hits having to do with Judge Samuel Alito and various keywords: Hispanic, Jew, Jewish, and Nationality. He's not Hispanic, though the Italic name might lead some to wonder. I can't figure out why anyone would peg him as Jewish. His nationality is American. I didn't know you could be a judge in the U.S. court system without being a citizen. The searches were up at least to 60-something an hour for a while. It's dropped off into the 50s now. It's usually half that. I don't know how high it was earlier in the day, but I suspect it was in the 70s or more for a while, because I only looked at the average, and that was as it seemed to be dropping off.

Here are some other searches that caught my eye recently:

penal surgury
Well, that's a pretty strange punishment, particularly if it's going to make you not only spell both words wrong but also fail to click on the "Did you mean: penal surgery" link right at the top of the page, which would have fixed one of the spelling errors (though the less serious one).

naomi zack's reviews of the book thinking about race
I'm trying to figure out why someone would write a review of her own book.

What is the difference between regardless and irregardless
Well, they mean the same thing, but one of them is correct in standard English, and the other is an abomination.


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