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Why is paganism considered evil when Christians do the same stuff?
I'm trying to figure out why it wouldn't be evil just because Christians do it. Christians do evil things. The Bible even insists that any Christian who claims not to do evil things is lying.

Why christians want to outlaw birth control
What kind of paranoid conspiracy theorist helped inclulcate you in the sort of worldview that would conclude something like this? I've never even heard of someone wanting to outlaw birth control. There are some Christians who believe birth control is always or usually wrong. That doesn't lead them to try to outlaw it. There are some Christians who object to government money being spent to give birth control to kids, on the grounds that they find such a practice to be an endorsement of sex among minors. That doesn't lead them to outlaw birth control.

white evangelicals are racists
I have to hope that my labors in putting together my thoughts on such issues can help such an imbalanced individual see that the world isn't as black and white as those who hate evangelicals would like to think. It's kind of ironic that this is probably from exactly the sort of person who would accuse evangelicals of thinking too much in black and white categories.

Bush support white separatism
Yeah, you wish. Take a look at his cabinet, for frak's sake. The racial separatists consider him a race-mixer. While we're at it, have you seen his brother's kids?


Oh I'm so happy that I'm not the only one using "frak" in everyday parlance.

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