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Here are a couple things I thought were worth reading. Some of them are things I would have wanted to write about eventually had I not found these.

  • Pyromaniac argues that pacifism isn't Biblical. And while you're there, see also this post, which relates to how much Christians ought to try and be like non-Christians in order to reach out to them. It reminds me of a book I'll probably be posting a review of soon, This Little Church Went to Market, which deals with some similar issues on a whole-church rather than individual level.
  • Evangelical Outpost has some reasons why it may be a little early to be extremely critical about Bush on the Miers nomination. I keep finding myself tempted to get upset about it, but the fact is I still don't know much about her. Does someone really have to be one of the top legal scholars and judges in the country to be qualified for the Supreme Court? I'm not sure.

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