Stargate and Battlestar Galactica Intros

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The SciFi Channel has made some pretty bone-headed decisions in the past. Canceling Farscape was one the most idiotic things they ever did. It was an extremely popular show and one of the best science fiction products ever made. I'm glad they're under different leadership now, or I might fear that they'd do the same with the two Stargate shows and Battlestar Galactica at the height of their popularity. Their decision to run Andromeda at its lowest point was baffling, and that was the current management. But the most ridiculous thing they've ever done, in my opinion, was requiring the Stargate and Battlestar Galactica shows to have only ten seconds of credit sequences. They claim now that the reason wasn't to allow for more advertizing time, even though the initial press releases said it was exactly to allow more advertizing. They claim that they were in the process of implementing more time for the show and just hadn't achieved that, but I very much doubt it.

Well, they've recanted. They've seen just how stupid it was to remove an Emmy-nominated theme song from Atlantis, how utterly cheesy the ten-second intros seem after having such luscious themes behind such stunning visuals. They probably also got a look at the full new sequences for both Stargate shows that's been appearing on Canadian TV, which by all accounts have been even better than the previous ones. I don't know if Battlestar Galactica had already made new sequences, but if so I'm sure the British run of those, which is beginning, will have them. They had an easier time making an effective ten-second intro, and they were allowed to keep their intro to the teaser portion as well, so they weren't hit as hard anyway. The Stargate ones might as well not even be there.

As things stand right now, the first half of the season will run for three more episodes with the lame intros. Then when the second half runs in January we'll get to see the full deal.


Strictly speaking, Galactica has never shown a tiny, 10-second intro. It's been shortened since last season, but it's full-length.

I haven't timed them out, but I think that the two Stargate intros are probably less than 10 seconds apiece.

The latest two episodes of Galactica had additional stuff tagged on, reinstituting last season's previews of the current episode at the very end. They hadn't been doing that most of the season. They ran about 40 seconds with those. It was less than that without them, but it was longer than 10 seconds. I'm wondering why SciFi allowed that. It would certainly explain why the Galactica one has been better than the Stargate ones if they gave them more time.

I haven't timed the Stargate ones, but I'm pretty sure they're close to 10 seconds. I don't think the producers would have given up valuable time given that they have so little.

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