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Well, not necessarily, but it's getting harder to come up with original titles for these posts. I suppose it's accurate for one of them. The first answer isn't snappy, and the second search isn't stupid.

what do puritans have to do do understand god's will
Why wouldn't it be the same thing anyone else should do to understand God's will? Read the Bible. Reflect on what it says about God's mind and heart. Absorb the moral framework that lies behind much of what it says. Meditate on how God's actions throughout history, in particular salvation history, demonstrates the direction to history and how we're expected to fit into that in our current phase of salvation history. Be aware of ways that the world around us has affected us in ways that pull us away from thinking along such lines, and resist those.

matt mullins engaged to be married
I wonder if his wife knows about this. I wonder if he knows about this.

what beyonce is mixed with

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