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Origen of the pledge of allegiance
I don't think the pledge is quite that old!

Lexa Doig + nationality
Canadian, as far as I know. That's where she lives and grew up. Now if you want to know what race she is, that depends on which view on race-mixing is correct. Some people think someone who is of mixed race is of both races, some think she would be of neither, and some think it depends on which two or more races are mixing and/or how many grandparents or great-grandparents (and so on) are of which races. Her father is Scottish (hence the last name). Her mother is Filipina, I believe. Her husband is English Canadian, I would imagine, so their kid is more British Isles than anything else. I haven't seen any pictures, though, and some people will think what the kid looks like matters for racial assignment.

colin powell's origin
I guess I don't have that issue. Wait, is Powell the superhero or the secret identity of some hero? I suppose whichever it is would explain why he's not really black.


Did the Pledge come about by a big bang, or did it evolve?

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