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myers briggs test unreliable
Only as unreliable as the person answering the questions. If you don't really undertand yourself, it might not come out right. Occasionally someone like me will come along who manifests the standard traits in an unusual way, but I still come out the same knowing the test very well as I did before I'd heard anything about it, and that result seems accurate to me. Other people who don't understand what motivate me don't get my typing, but the burden is on them to figure out why I manifest the ISTJ type very differently from the standard ways. The test isn't supposed to tell you how someone manifests what motivates them and what they prefer. It just tells you what motivates them and what they prefer.

why is the scifi channel calling the recently aired shows season finales?
Good question. I've been annoyed by the same thing. They did this in the middle of the final Farscape season, and the fan sites now list that season as two separate seasons, even though each was really half a season. I doubt the Stargate and Battlestar Galactica fans will accept that, because the producers of the shows don't seem to be going along with it.

definition as to the name katrina from the bible
Well, it's not in the Bible, but it's a variant of Katherine, which also isn't in the Bible but comes from the Greek katharos, which is in the Bible. It's just an ordinary adjective, though, not a name, and it means pure, clean, unpolluted, unhindered, unsoiled, unmixed, exact, or plain. The probable origin of using this as a name is its moral connotation of purity of behavior or character, which is its most common sense in the NT.


One of the things that throws the MBTI "off" is the mindset of the person taking the test. If you're taking it in a work setting, then you need to think about how you act and react at work; if it's for marital rx, then you think about how you are in that relationship.

It can be useful clinically, but sometimes the directions aren't specific enough.

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