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Christian Carnival LXXXVII is at Pseudo-Polymath. Mark stepped in at the last minute and managed to get it up by the usual day, so he deserves special credit.

Technogypsy did Christian Carnival LXXXVI. I never got around to linking to that last week.

The best coverage I've seen of the John Roberts hearings has been at the Washington Post Campaign for the Court blog, the National Review's Bench Memos, and Scotus Blog. There's been precious little at any of the blogs I normally read, but there's plenty at all three of those. Since the cable channels (except Court TV) all seem to think a tiny hurricane named Ophelia and nothing new on the aftermath of Katrina are both more important than the future of the Supreme Court, I was forced to fill in a lot of the gaps from these sources.

Sam's had two recent posts that I wanted to flag, one on the refutation of the mercury-autism connection and another on how the "any stick is good enough to beat Bush with" tactic has been playing out with respect to Hurricane Katrina. If I had more time, I'd catalogue how the same tactic has been in play with some of the Demcratic senators' on the judiciary committee in the Roberts hearings.

Finally, Daniel Henninger says the president and relevant national authorities were prepared for Katrina more than a week ahead of time but couldn't step in because it would be against the law. He thinks there's a need to revisit some of those restrictions. This certainly has relevance for those who have been claiming the president needed to overstep his authority on this, but his main point is to reconsider how we should assign authority, an issue liberals have been pontificating on quite a bit but haven't been willing to acknowledge plays a role here.

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