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c.j. mahaney is a racist
What the frak? Does anyone have any clue what could possibly have spurred someone to search for this? The search, of course, turns up absolutely nothing even remotely related to both C.J. Mahaney and race.

Duh. Either that or her ancestors were aboriginal Australians or something. Very few black people in the U.S. have no African ancestry.

samuel parable
All of a sudden I'm getting a bunch of searches for something along these lines. One of them said "I Samuel" parable, so I know it is about the biblical book of Samuel. I'm sort of lost as to what it might be about. The only parable in that book that I can think of is Nathan's parable of the man who took his guest's sheep even though he had plenty of fat sheep himself. That's in II Samuel, though. Hmm.


nytimes sunday acrostic

The reason for the searches is probably a clue in the Sunday NY Times crossword (actually the acrostic, at the bottom of the page)

Quote: "Loser in a parable in I Samuel"
(7 letters.)

If the answer is Goliath, then the author of the puzzle is an absolute idiot. I Samuel 17 is not a parable.

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