A Legend Dies

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Don Adams, legendary comic actor who played Maxwell Smart, Agent 86 in spy spoof Get Smart, died Sunday. He was also the voice of Inspector Gadget but was too typecast to land any other sort of role despite his wide-ranging talents.

Get Smart, created by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry, ran from 1965-1970 and parodied almost every James Bond feature you could do on TV. Adams contributed quite of a few of his trademark lines and gags, some of which have been common in everyday conversation among people who never saw the show and don't know their origins. He won three emmies himself for the show, and it received two as a show. I believe I have all the episodes on tape now, but I'm sure I've only seen something like half of them.

Despite a pretty well-done TV movie The Nude Bomb in 1980 complete with a really cool evil bad guy lair, another return in 1989's Get Smart, Again!, which brought back even more elements of the show than the first movie, and a nowhere near as good TV series bringing the Smart twins into the spy business in 1995 with Andy Dick as Max and 99's son, Adams was never really able to get his franchise going again in full form. I haven't seen any of this later stuff in years, so I hope some of it gets played in honor of his memory.

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