The Lord of the Beans

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The next Veggie Tales product The Lord of the Beans is now listed at CBD [HT: Marla] with a release date of October 29.

They've also got a third trailer for it (not the same one in Duke and the Great Pie War or the new one in Minnesota Cuke, both found on the Big Idea site here). It shows more of the final look than either of the first two. Any Lord of the Rings spoof is worth my interest, but if it's also Veggie Tales then it will be great for the coolness factor even if the overall story is completely stupid, which is possible but not likely. Since Jonah, they had some I wasn't all that impressed with, but they weren't inane. They just weren't as good as some of their best stuff. Some of their best stories have come since that time as well (Little Joe, the first half of A Snoodle's Tale, Sumo of the Opera, and Minnesota Cuke).

Interestingly, Phil Vischer, who founded the company, wrote this one. I believe he left Big Idea over a year ago when they moved to Nashville and he didn't want to move, and he's now starting up a new company making children's videos. Big Idea has continued to hire him as voice talent, since he's always done more than half of the main characters' voices (Bob the Tomato, Jerry Gourd, Mr. Nezzar, Pa Grape, Mr. Lunt, Archibald Asparagus, Scallion #1 who's been around since show #1 but never given a name, two of the three French Peas, and at least a few more minor characters). Apparently he's still submitting scripts to them too.


Vischer is apparantly starting fresh with a new company, Jellyfish. From what I've heard, he plans on this company being a much smaller company than Big Idea.

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