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I haven't been getting very many good searches of late, except the ones wondering if John Roberts is gay or some other speculative proposal about the Supreme Court nominee, but here are some of the more notable ones I've gotten recently.

Myers-Briggs % population annoying
Now is that supposed to be what percentage of people have personalities that are annoying? Or is it what percentage of people find the Myers-Briggs annoying? The first answer is 100%. I don't know the second, because people who find the Myers-Briggs annoying are annoying.

"star trek Enterprise" "Canceled" "Bush"
No, Bush didn't reach out with his all-powerful grasp and order Enterprise to be canceled, and no they didn't cancel it because of anything he did. No, they didn't cancel it because of complaints that they were being too political with respect to issues that reflect on Bush (either the Xindi storyline, which seemed to me to be rather fond of the sort of thing Bush would do or the Vulcan storyline in the last season, which some unfairly compared with Bush the way they did with Star Wars episode three). So what further possibility might this search be referring to?

Is it grammatically correct to say I'm rest assured
No, but it's such a strange construction that it's funny that someone would even use it to begin with, never mind someone else asking a search engine if it's ok.

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