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Sophia likes chicken bones, and the kids surrounded me while I was trying to do something or other on the computer. Yes, the beard's gone, not that it will be gone for long.

I'm knee-deep in Augustine for now, so I don't know if I'll have a contentful post up tonight. I've got the next post in the Theories of Knowledge and Reality series ready to go, but I wanted to look through it again to be sure it should be one post rather than two or three, and I want to make sure I'm done with my Augustine preparation for tomorrow before I do that. I don't know if I'll get to it before my concentration gives out. I've been up since before 6 am, and I've been reading City of God and various commentaries on it much of that time (in addition to spending two hours teaching it this morning).

Tomorrow afternoon I move on to Aquinas, which takes me through Monday morning's class, after which I'll be trying to compress Descartes into Tuesday and Wednesday's classes. [I've alotted six hours instead of four to him for my fall class. I hope I can do a moderately decent job presenting the Meditations in four hours.] That will complete my actual teaching time. It feels like the home stretch now that it's the penultimate week, but I still have four weeks' worth of teaching time in normal semester reckoning; it's still 12 hours of class until the final. Two weeks in I felt like I'd been teaching this class for almost half a semester, and I have to keep in mind that I still have almost that much time remaining, which will include preparing for twelve hours of teaching (of which I've not taught more than maybe an hour of it before), writing the final completely from scratch (something I don't have to do in most of my classes because I can recycle material from previous classes), and grading the second exam (the most time-consuming aspect of teaching philosophy).

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