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Just wanted to give a heads-up to those who missed it: Laurence Krauss and Michael Behe were on the News Hour last night debating intelligent design in the wake of Bush's remarks about teaching it in schools. Right now you can access the section from this page, although I doubt it will stay there permanently. It's a pretty short segment and worth watching.


I couldn't watch the video but I read the transcript.

I don't if the video changes anything but it seemed to me that Behe came across as more interested in the truth than politics and the data than messing about with the term "science."

I read one Darwinist review in which they thought that the Darwinian side was so well represented that he may be "their guy."

I think that may be more because he said much of what they'd say than that he'd actually be effective.

If Behe is just trying to account for the data, why doesn't he go to science meetings, or in other ways engage scientists in the discussion? I've seen him in North Texas three times -- all three times sponsored by Christian organizations aiming to derail science education in Texas. In the interim, he's failed to make any appearance at any professional society, in chemistry, biology or physics, to propose any idea for defense.

The man doth protest too much.

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