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I'm still not getting the hilarious ones I used to get, but these were certainly more interesting than most of what I'm getting.

Where did the causasian race come from
Europe and Asia, for the most part. I've been told that Indians are Caucasion because of bone structure and Indo-European language family background, so it goes that far. Oh, you didn't mean what location? You meant how the Caucasian race came into being? That's fairly straightforward. The human race eventually had a branch-off that lost its melanin. Genetically speaking, that's what must have happened. Genes for extra melanin can be lost, but I don't know of any mechanism by which humans gain them when their parents didn't have them. That's what I've been told anyway. Now your assignment for next time is to go find a member of the KKK and explain scientifically why Adam and Eve must have been black.

speeches honoring someone
Such a vague search is strange in itself, but what really got me was that they clicked on my blog due to the following description:

Parableman ... no more wrong for someone to kill these embryos by ... clarifying questions to see what someone really has in mind ... when he had been giving it in speeches months beforehand ...

The problem with black people
blacks think they are cool
So can we count how many intriguing and/or disturbing assumptions lie behind these two searches?

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