Forthcoming Commentaries: Major Update

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For those who pay attention to my commentaries posts but haven't been following the comments on my Forthcoming Commentaries list, I've been gradually updating it as people give me more information. The reason for this post is that the whole list went through a major overhaul today. I realized that some major series weren't even there (NTL, HCOT, maybe others I'm not remembering at the moment), and I hadn't listed some information I had written down somewhere that I had thought was in my list on the computer but wasn't.

In the process, I ended up searching for more information to resolve conflicts and found a lot more. Also, I've added the Two Horizons series due to a reader request, which took some major Googling. That's actually what started this whole update. The list for the NLT Tyndale series is also filling out, and there are a few commentaries in various series that weren't listed or were wrongly listed.

Finally, I've alphabetized the order of the series (by actual name, not abbreviation), so it should be easier to look for any given series. Since the list has been getting longer, I think this is important. My original idea had been to list the series in general order of what I liked most, but I didn't even achieve that, so I might as well make it easier to use.

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