First Sighting: David Tsumura on Samuel

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I think I might have the scoop on this one. CBD is advertizing the first volume of David Tsumura's NICOT on Samuel, which seems to be covering just I Samuel. According to CBD, it will be available on November 15. I saw it in their catalog that was waiting for me when we returned from NH today, and I just now had a chance to look at their website, and it is indeed there. Amazon doesn't have it, and Eerdmans isn't even listing it in their new releases for this fall.

Unfortunately for me, it's just I Samuel, and my congregation just finished I Samuel in our sermons last month. I'm hoping it's like Waltke's Proverbs and Block's Ezekiel and completed at once but coming out in separate volumes a few months apart (as opposed to Oswalt's Isaiah that came out something like 15 years apart). If the second volume is out early enough, I may be able to read some of it as we move through II Samuel in the sermons (probably Easter to June or July of 2006 and then the same period of 2007). Of course, CBD may think it's coming out when it's not. It is a bit fishy that Eerdmans isn't listing it. Amazon has commentaries listed that probably won't be out until 2008, but CBD won't usually list something unless they have a finalized release date, and they are listing one.


I'm guessing you guys don't limit your book studies to Sundays. How do you all manage to get through all of 1st Samuel in a month?

No, we finished I Samuel last month. I didn't say we had started it that same month. We started it a week or two after Easter in 2004.

We do gospels from early January to Easter, then historical books for the spring and epistles for summer, concluding the year with prophets, trying to spend three months on each unless we take a year off from one of the four, which we do when we just finished a major book or group of books. Then we might go a little longer with one unit and do a month or two of topical sermons.

I Samuel took two spring quarters, and II Samuel will probably take two spring quarters. So it basically took about half a year to do all of I Samuel, and the whole book of Samuel will probably take about a year spread out over four years.

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