Equivocation, work, and Bill Gates

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I once saw the following joke posted on the wall in a science building. Bear with me, as it's a short proof of sorts:

Knowledge is power, which we will abbreviate K=P.

Time is money, or T=M.

And, as any scientist or engineer knows, power is work per time (P=W/T).

Substitute into the third expression T=M and P=K to get K=W/M, then solve for M:
That is, money equals work per knowledge.

Conclusion: For a fixed amount of work, the less you know, the more you make. And as knowledge approaches zero, money approaches infinity.
The rumor is that Bill Gates stumbled across this proof as an undergrad at Harvard and thus dropped out of school. Apparently it's worked pretty well for him.

And while we're talking about equivocation, or at least something like it, I recently heard this joke, which is a pretty good example, too:

Everyone knows that fire engines have 8 wheels and 4 men. 4 and 8 make 12. There are twelve inches in a foot. A foot is a ruler. Queen Elizabeth, a ruler, is the name of one of the largest ships on the seas. Seas have fish and fish have fins. The Finns fought the Russians and Russians are red . . . and fire trucks are always rushin' therefore, fire trucks are red!

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