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do interracial couples work
Well, they have to earn a living somehow. In our case, I'm the only one who earns an income, and I suppose some interracial couples are fully on the government dole, but I can't understand why being an interracial couple would by itself exempt people from having to work to earn a living.

how big is a small nuclear bomb
Small. Didn't you already specify that? If you want something more precise, then it just depends on what 'small' in that sentence means. Since you wrote the sentence, I'm not sure how precise you meant it. If you meant a ten-foot one, then it's ten feet. If you meant a briefcase-sized nuke, then it's that big. I can't really answer the question unless I know how big you meant when calling it small.

The number of searches I'm getting having to do with Dust in the Wind has increased dramatically since the recent commercial featuring that song started increasing Kerry Livgren's royalty income by a fair amount. What's truly sad is that most of these searches involve someone thinking the song is by Boston or Styx. Come on, people! This song was #6 on the Billboard chart, and you can't even remember that it's by Kansas? It's true that it's nothing like standard Kansas music, but it isn't like standard Boston music or standard Styx music either. Furthermore, people who think this song was by Boston or Styx wouldn't know that it's not typical Kansas music, because anyone who knows what Kansas music is really like would be familiar enough with them that they'd know this is one of their songs. So that means there's even less excuse to think it couldn't be by Kansas.

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