Two odd searches and a Googlelanche

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can intersexuals develop inside a surrogate
Why not? I don't think embryos that will develop as intersexuals have any special resistance to developing that an artificial implantation would make more difficult. The main cause behind intersexuality is genetic anyway, so it's not as if implantation in a surrogate would prevent those characteristics from developing through providing a different environment. Even if that were to happen, it could happen the other way too. Someone who might not have developed as an intersexual in the biological mother's uterus could in a surrogate's.

veggie tales sexist
I'm going to need to see an argument for that one.

Now on to the Googlanche (I'm trying out different spellings to see what looks best). When President Bush announced his pick for the next Supreme Court justice, I started to get loads of Google searches for words related to his choice, often with relevant keywords related to finding information about him, occasionally with really strange associated keywords. I normally get 300-500 visitors a day (you count as a new visitor if it's been more than an hour since your last page load). Occasionally it goes into the 600s, rarely if at all into the 700s. According to Sitemeter, the amount of traffic I was getting between 10pm and midnight that night would have been the equivalent of getting 1000 visitors a day. At that point, since I still had all my Sitemeter pages still open, I decided to catalog all the various hits I was getting from Google. It would have been insane to try to count how many I've gotten of each. For some of them it would probably be in the 30s or maybe even in the 40s. Most of them are in the single or double digits, a few only once. Oh, and if you got here looking for real information on John Roberts, go to the main page and do a search of that page, or if some time has gone on by the time you arrive here you might want to check the July 2005 archive. I imagine the August, September, and October archives will have posts on him too, but those haven't happened yet as I write this. On to the searches:

Judge John Roberts gay
Judge John Roberts homosexual
Judge John Roberts gays
Judge John Roberts on gay rights
judge john roberts and gay rights
John Roberts judge sodomy
Judge John Roberts gay marriage amendment (does this person even know what judges and justices do?)
Judge John Roberts gay rights issues
judge john roberts on gay
Judge John Roberts and homosexuality
John Roberts AND gay OR lesbian OR homosexual
judge john roberts had a gay partner
Judge John Roberts Catholic
Judge John Roberts Protestant
Judge John Roberts church
Judge John Roberts and Catholic faith
Judge John Roberts Roman Catholic
is judge john roberts a catholic
John Roberts Catholic commentary
Judge John Roberts faith
Judge John Roberts religion
judge john roberts Christian views
Judge John Roberts Christian
Judge John Roberts a Christian
Judge John Roberts and Christian
Judge John Roberts' religious beliefs
Judge John Roberts attends church
judge john roberts fundamentalist
christians don't like john roberts
Judge John Roberts Christianity
what do evangelicals think of John Roberts
Judge John Roberts Christian news
Judge John Roberts Born Again Christian
Catholic John Roberts evangelicals
Judge John Roberts strict constructionist
John Roberts judicial activism
Judge John Roberts views abortion
judge john roberts and view on abortion
judge john roberts abortion views
Judge John Roberts on evolution
Judge John Roberts creationism
Judge John Roberts decisions
Judge John Roberts writings
John Roberts points of view
Pro-life Judge John Roberts on the issues
Judge Roberts pro life
Judge John Roberts gun control
second amendment judge john roberts
judge john roberts
john roberts true conservative
john roberts Christian conservative
where judge john roberts grew up (answer: Indiana)
where did judge john roberts grow up
how did judge john roberts grow up
judge john roberts helps bush get elected (9:27 EDT, just after Bush's announcement; who would have known this sort of thing would come in that quickly?)
Judge John Roberts married children
judge john roberts and adopted kids
judge john roberts kids
john roberts blog liberal
judge john roberts wife pro-life activist
judge john roberts wife is pro-life
anti judge john roberts blog
Judge John Roberts decisions marriage
john roberts judge blog
judge john roberts, quotes
Judge John Roberts birthday
Supreme Court John Roberts hoax (?)
John Roberts Jeb Bush recount 2000 (again, no idea)
negative comments on Judge John Roberts
time that John Roberts spent as judge
judge roberts christian judge lawyer
Christian blog and Judge Roberts
john roberts judge good bad
Judge John Roberts wife Catholic adopted
Judge John Roberts and classmates
Sen. Hatch comment John Roberts Supreme Court Nomination Process
Judge John Roberts pictures
leahy supreme court john roberts write the law
susan estridge roberts
orrin hatch senator john roberts jesus

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