Searches for Nonexistent Things

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doctors who give non-pregnant women abortions
So what is it that they're supposed to be aborting?

jeremy pierce midichlorian count
My Midichlorian count is zero. Midichlorians don't really exist. George Lucas made them up.

is john edwards of crossing over a christian?
I assume you mean John Edward. John Edwards is a senator from North Carolina who ran for vice-president in 2004. John Edward is a fraudulent psychic who claims to communicate with the dead. There is no one named John Edwards from the show Crossing Over. On the question you meant to ask, I wouldn't think it very likely that he's going to be all that positive about Christianity, given that the Christian scriptures repeatedly condemn the thing he's basing his career on as downright evil.

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I thought I got some weird search queries now and then, but Jeremy at Parableman made me laugh out loud by posting searches on non-existent things. Read More


I did the midichlorian count one. I had to prove to someone that Yoda's count was second only to Palpatine and Anakin. Googling for your blog entry with the link was the quickest way I could think of to find the page where they were listed.

Does that make it not as silly as it looks? =)

Oh, no, I knew full well what you were looking for. I just thought the way it was worded sounded as if you were looking for my Midichlorian count. I'm sure many of the searches I make fun of are looking for something very particular and do find it. Sometimes it's just the appearance of the keywords that strikes me as funny. That's the case here. I was fairly sure it was a regular reader looking for the link to that list of Midichlorian counts after having seen it before.

That site has come under serious doubt, by the way. There are clear signs that it's a hoax. See the comments in that post.

Hey Jeremy, I left a comment on Prosblogion in response to your comment. I just wanted to say "hi" again. I actually wrote you an e-mail a little over a year ago asking you for advice about Syracuse' grad program and about your review in Faith and Philosophy. Thanks again for the advice and e-mail. Now I'm on my way to study at University of Missouri-Columbia with Kvanvig and others. Perhaps we'll meet some day. Until then, have a wonderful day!

Okay, your response to the second search query made me literally laugh out loud. I almost lost my coffee, and my 4-year-old wandered in to see what was wrong with me.

That is all.

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