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Requirement by Southern Baptist convention that wives be subservient to husbands
What do you mean by a requirement? If this is a requirement by the denomination, then so is the requirement not to gossip and the requirement not to long for your neighbor's car.

To the Virgins, make Much of Time
I won't comment on the content, but it sounds like the sort of thing you might find backward-masked on an E.L.O. song. I remember playing one of their songs backwards years ago, and it said "The music is reversible. Time is not. Turn back! Turn back! Turn back!" This was the beginning of the song, but it was the end of the backwards messages, which apparently went through the whole song. I didn't bother to listen to the whole thing. Of course, while I'm on backward masking I have to recommend that you listen to the instrumental solo in Weird Al Yankovic's "Nature Trail to Hell" backwards. It has an interesting comment about Satan ingesting cheese whiz.

The relationship between a person and the siblings he never had is what?
How do you have a relationship with someone who never existed?


"To the virgins, to make much of time" is the title of a fairly famous poem by Robert Herrick. But I have no idea how they ended up here with that search.

My mom had twin sisters, both of whom were stillborn. So maybe the last link is someone who could've had siblings but didn't.

My mom had a younger brother and sister later, so this search likely wasn't her. :^)

Stillborn siblings did exist until they were stillborn. This says it's siblings who never existed.

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