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I'm writing an exam again while preparing for tomorrow's class. Yes, I am doing both simultaneously, and no this is not multi-tasking. In this case doing one is part of the work for doing the other, and doing them together is easier than doing one and then the other. I've finished everything except the stuff on tomorrow's material, and reading with a view toward writing questions is much easier than reading and preparing lecture and then thinking up questions afterward.

Anyway, I don't have time to write a contentful post at the moment. The stuff I've written ahead of time has now all been posted or still needs some more work before posting. Instead, check out Isaiah playing in the neighbor's birdbath. You can't see all of his face, but it's hard to get pictures of him even this good. He doesn't cooperate with cameras. Sam also took some pictures of the local flora and fauna, including some nice blowups of our resident stinging insects.

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