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I'm too busy (preparing for class, adjusting my readings schedule for class due to not having known how long certain topics would take to discuss, and writing an exam) to post anything of consequence, but here are some more searches of absolutely no consequence.

sabbath rules pharisees "pick your nose"
Ha! Somehow I don't think the Pharisees had any explicit rules about that.

bible in original klingon
OK, I'm fully aware that the Bible is being translated into Klingon, some of which is available online, but what does it mean to speak of the Bible in original Klingon?

Weasels give birth through their mouths
No joke. Someone really searched for that and got my blog. Through better tactics with a search engine than the person who arrived at my blog had used, I managed to find this, which says, "The ancients believed that weasels gave birth their young through their mouths, probably because these animals are known to carry them with their teeth."


Hey Jeremy - vis a vis Klingon.... you might want to take a look at the Klingon Language Version - (not *exactly* a translation) and

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